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Clipper Oil is a worldwide wholesaler and supplier of marine fuels and lubricant oils, specializing in supplying ocean going vessels worldwide. Operating internationally from our headquarters in San Diego, California, USA, we serve the bunkering needs of all sectors of the petroleum market. Our client base includes fishing fleets, ocean-going yachts, cruise ships, cargo ships, military/government/research vessels and power plants. Read more >>

Marine Fuels

Clipper Oil supplies only the finest gas oils, fuel oils, diesel fuels, aviation fuels and marine fuels.


Clipper Oil stocks an extensive product line of major branded and independent lube oils.

Bunkering at Sea

Clipper Oil offers bunkering at sea via high-seas fuel tankers worldwide.

Warehouse Locations

Clipper Oil offers physical supply of product at various locations throughout the Pacific.
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    Suite 203
    San Diego, CA 92101 USA

  • +1-619-692-9701


  • Singapore Office
    8 Eu Tong Sen Street
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    Singapore 059818

  • +65-6646-5367


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Marine diesel fuel, also known as Marine Diesel Oil (MDO), is a blend of heavy fuel oil and gasoil. It contains less gasoil than the intermediate fuels used in the marine industry. MDO is used to power medium and high-speed diesel engines, as well as medium-speed propulsion engines. As a residual, marine fuel is essentially waste product left over from the refining process. That being said, marine fuel constitutes a much smaller market than other types of petroleum products, such as on-highway fuel used in automobiles.

Regardless of relative market sizes, the bunkering industry is still a very volatile industry. Marine fuel prices are always changing. In the last few years, many regulations have been made to control supply and demand and thus stabilize pricing. However, despite measures taken to reduce volatility, marine fuel prices are still subject to considerable change, which can in turn cause shipping costs to rise or fall substantially.

Below, the main factors that affect marine diesel fuel prices online are explored:

1. Crude Oil Prices:

In the case of marine diesel fuel pricing, crude prices can play a vital role. The prices of crude oil vary due to a number of factors, such as the costs associated with extraction and transportation. Additionally, when the demand for crude oil increases globally, the prices increase simultaneously. The market is directly impacted by the supply and demand of crude oil.

2. Government Taxes and Levies:

There are different taxes and fees imposed on marine diesel fuel, resulting in price fluctuation. Examples of taxes and fees imposed on marine fuel are GST, excise taxes, emission trading levies, state sales taxes, oil inspection fees, and gross receipts taxes. Current marine diesel fuel prices online reflect these costs which are incurred by fuel suppliers.

3. Marketing and Distribution Costs:

Crude oil must be transported to a refinery where diesel is ultimately extracted. After the refinery, the diesel will be sent through a distribution chain to reach the fuel docks, barges, tank trucks, or bunkering vessels from which it will be supplied. Like the cost of fuel itself, distribution costs faced by shipping companies are also volatile, and subsequently affect the fuel prices. Additionally, there are other operating costs such as staff costs, storage tanks, and electricity which also cause variation in marine diesel fuel pricing.

The price of crude oil, government taxes and levies, and marketing and distribution costs of fuel are three important factors affecting marine diesel fuel prices online. Fuel oil prices also vary according to the changing regulations of the IMO and other related organizations managing the price, supply, and demand of fuel in this industry.

Resource Box: For those interested in learning more about Marine Fuel and Lubes, check out Clipper Oil.

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