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Tug Caño Cristales Sailed to Her New Home
by The Maritime Executive
Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Having signed a sales contract for 32m ASD tug with Coltugs, Med Marine said farewell to the state-of-the-art vessel from its Ere?li Shipyard and sent her off to her new home, Colombia, on 24th of March.

Named as Caño Cristales, the vessel is a Ramparts 3200 class tugboat designed by Robert Allan Ltd and she has the following particulars:

LENGTH O.A.                  32,00 m

BEAM O.A.                      11,60 m

DEPTH (MOULDED)       5,36 m

DRAUGHT (LOADED)     4,19 m (Above Baseline)

GROSS TONNAGE          476,2

The vessel utilises two CAT 3516C D Rating diesel engines that develop a total output of 4200 kW (5,632 bhp) with a free sailing speed of 12.0 knots and bollard pull over 75 tons.

Two Caterpillar CAT C9 gensets and one CAT C4.4 harbour generator provide total 436 kW electrical powers for vessel services, including the deck machinery.

She drives two Schottel SRP1515 azimuthing thrusters with controllable pitch propellers of 2,600 mm diameter.

The fire-fighting (FiFi) pumps are driven by main engines. Two pumps can deliver approximately 2600m3/h. THR Marine supplied electric frequency controlled escort winch with integrated anchor windlasses.

The RAmparts 3200’s MLC-compliant high-quality and great-comfort accommodation is climate-controlled and includes a captain’s cabin, an officer cabin and three double crew cabins.

Click the link and experience a 360 virtual tour of the tugboat:

Survitec Unveils Novel Evacuator Emergency Descent System
by The Maritime Executive
Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Leading safety equipment supplier Survitec will unveil a new emergency descent system today during the Wind Europe trade fair, in Bilbao, Spain. 

Evacuator, the world’s first fire-proof emergency descent system, is designed to evacuate people in time-critical emergency situations at altitudes of 6m to 300m. It can be fire-proofed to 1750°C for 30 minutes.

The innovative evacuation system is fully mechanical and does not require electricity or any other power to operate, guaranteeing its operational reliability in all circumstances. The descent is fully automatic at a controlled speed of one meter per second. It is designed for use on all high-rise structures, including wind turbines, offshore substations, harbor cranes and other structures that previously relied on rope-based rescue descent devices, or in some cases had no emergency evacuation options open to them at all.  

Ross Johnston, Head of Sales at Survitec, said: “The Evacuator is a world-class innovation in emergency response planning, simplifying evacuation in a panic situation. It is ideal for installation on a variety of structures, including offshore wind turbines, high-rise offices, remote structures and cranes. The system has already been very well-received by operators looking to upgrade their existing turbines.”

Eugene Verstegen, Evacuator inventor and co-owner of Netherlands-based Evacuator WorldWide BV, said: “Interest in the Evacuator has been growing significantly day-by-day. Demand is now on a global scale.”               

The emergency descent system is installed using four or six bolts that connect it to a solid surface. It is very easy to use with a ‘click on and go’ mechanism.  Each steel cable allows for multiple people to descend at once, providing their combined weight does not exceed 282kg.

The Evacuator is available in three off-the-shelf models. Selection is based on structure height at 50m, 140m and 300m.  Survitec’s project team is also on hand to support bespoke design for new build and retrofit projects. A full suite of personal protective equipment (PPE) can be included in an Evacuation Chest alongside the Evacuator device to simplify and complete a safe escape.

With a lifespan of more than 30 years, Evacuator only requires an annual inspection, which can be carried out by the owner after training using a single tool.

Visitors to Wind Europe will be able to meet Eugene Verstegen and learn more about the Evacuator during a “Meet the Inventor” forum on the Survitec booth 3-B4 at 3pm on Wednesday, April 3.  

Bakker Fixes Ferry's Bow Thruster Engine Within One Week
by The Maritime Executive
Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Sliedrecht based company Bakker Repair + Services has succeeded in repairing the electric bow thruster engine of a Stena Line ferry within a week after establishing the failure. The company worked 24/7 to get the job done within this short period of time.

Bakker was hired for the job by Danish electro-technical company Scanel International, which contacts the Dutch company frequently when specific repairs have to be completed quickly.

In this case, the bow thruster engine of the cruise ferry Stena Saga, that sails on the Frederikshavn-Oslo line between Denmark and Norway, had to be repaired. Although a ferry has several bow thruster engines for sailing and berthing in ports, the repair was urgent. 

Scanel removed the engine from the ship and had it transported by road from Denmark to Sliedrecht. There, the 3.5-tonne electric engine was dismantled and inspected on Friday, March 8th. The thorough inspection showed that a complete overhaul was required. The rotor had to be repaired and the stator needed rewinding. On Friday afternoon, Bakker got the approval. After that, the company worked day and night to complete the overhaul before the tight deadline of one week. Friday, March 15th the engine was assembled, tested and sprayed externally. A day later, on Saturday, March 16th, the repaired engine could be transported back to Denmark, to be re-installed on Monday, March 18th.

"Such a job normally takes 2 to 2.5 weeks, but we didn’t have that much time,” says sales support coordinator Sander Peters of Bakker Repair + Services. "It is quite special that we were able to complete this in such a short time so that we could help out the company.”

Besides Scanel, various companies choose Bakker Repair + Services for this type of urgent repairs. The rewinding of electric motors, transformers and generators is a specialty of Bakker. The company has its own rewinding shop with professional and computer-controlled equipment and has acquired a lot of knowledge and expertise in this area during the past years. Bakker can also provide 24/7 service if necessary. In the case of the bow thruster engine, buying a new motor would be more expensive and would take longer because the delivery time is a couple of months.

Seaspan Rolls Out VSAT Connectivity for Global Container Ship Fleet
by The Maritime Executive
Tuesday, April 02, 2019

KVH Industries, Inc., (Nasdaq: KVHI), a leader in global mobile connectivity, announced today that Seaspan, one of the world’s largest container ship operators, completed the implementation of KVH mini-VSAT Broadband connectivity for all 107 managed vessels in its global container ship fleet. Seaspan selected KVH’s TracPhone V7-HTS/AgilePlans and KVH’s TracPhone V11-IP for the vessels.
“We chose KVH for the ability to have a superior end-to-end solution from one provider, which can be customized as per our business requirements,” says Rajesh Gopinathan, manager of process improvement for Seaspan. “KVH is one of our partners in helping our business succeed. We see their entire solution as critical to our business operation, providing everything from connectivity to 24/7 support, and assisting us in continuously improving the features and functions as our business requirements change. We also appreciate the fact that KVH, working together with our IT department, were able to complete 60 installations in less than 12 months, which is an important factor for our global fleet.”
The TracPhone V7-HTS/AgilePlans service that Seaspan chose for a majority of vessels is a leading choice for commercial maritime operators. The AgilePlans monthly subscription service includes antenna, airtime, content, and technical assistance—all for one fee, with free installation at select ports, and no contract term commitment or additional maintenance costs. A 60cm Ku-band VSAT antenna, the TracPhone V7-HTS delivers data speeds up to 10 Mbps download and three Mbps upload.

A unique feature of the TracPhone V7-HTS is its dual data configuration, providing both a high-speed data channel and an unlimited-use data channel. For Seaspan, the unlimited-use data channel was a contributing factor in their decision to choose the TracPhone V7-HTS, for it enables their vessels to support both operations and crew Internet from a single system. The Seaspan vessels that installed the TracPhone V11-IP benefit from a one meter C/Ku-band antenna that provides global broadband connectivity from KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband network.
To support business efficiency, the Seaspan vessels utilize KVH’s CommBox Network Manager, a suite of integrated tools including such features as unique networks for operations and crew; integrated email servers and firewalls; remote IT management; and least cost routing and bandwidth management. Additional KVH value-added services for which Seaspan has subscribed include IP-MobileCast, a content delivery service that multicasts news, sports, entertainment, and operations content to the vessels.
“We are thrilled to be working with Seaspan, a world-class ship management company that knows the importance of connectivity for ensuring all its vessels are operating at their most efficient levels,” says Mark Woodhead, executive vice president of mobile connectivity for KVH. “Whether it is our network support, airtime, or field services team, everyone at KVH values the interaction with Seaspan as the foundation of a strong partnership, with the end result being that we support their vessels in everything from connectivity to their close communications with seafarers.”
One example of Seaspan’s focus on seafarers is the company’s monthly video messages: Utilizing KVH’s YOURlink service—part of the IP-MobileCast content delivery service—Seaspan sends a custom video message to the managed fleet’s 107 vessels once a month, accessible to all seafarers at the same time.
“Close communication between vessel and shore is a key aspect of successful ship operation, to keep seafarers abreast of current initiatives and updates in the company,” says Torsten Holst Pedersen, executive vice president of ship management for Seaspan. “We recognize that video is a particularly effective format for this communication, and we plan to use it increasingly as a communication channel, both to deliver dynamic content and to conduct calls. We are already making use of it in our monthly Operational Update video, sent via YOURlink, in which we highlight accomplishments, convey safety info, and discuss other critical topics. It’s a terrific value-added service that KVH offers.”
KVH is a mobile tech innovator that provides connectivity solutions for commercial maritime, leisure marine, and land mobile applications on vessels and vehicles, including the award-winning TracPhone and TracVision product lines, the global mini-VSAT Broadband network, and AgilePlans Connectivity as a Service (CaaS). The company’s Videotel business is a market-leading provider of training films, computer-based training, and eLearning for the maritime industry, and its KVH Media Group provides news, sports, and entertainment content with such brands as NEWSlink and SPORTSlink.

Maritime SAR Organizations Urged to Celebrate Successes
by The Maritime Executive
Tuesday, April 02, 2019

"Every day all around the world, maritime search and rescue (SAR) volunteers and professionals do everything they can to help those in distress at sea. It's a tradition as old as anyone can remember and enshrined in international and maritime law – but we shouldn't take it for granted" says Theresa Crossley, CEO International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF).

She goes onto explain that:"The IMRF has 113 member organizations in 52 countries around the world and every day their teams are saving lives at sea. It's their passion, it's what they do, and it's become normal. But if any of us takes a step back, we can quickly see how exceptional these people are and how incredible their actions as individuals, as teams or thanks to new technology and innovative practices, really are.

"Because this is their 'every day', we forget how awe-inspiring their commitment, skill and bravery really is. Which is why we are calling on everyone involved in maritime SAR to 'take a step back' and to celebrate the dedication of their colleagues or recognize the equipment that today makes possible SAR operations that would have been unthinkable even a few short years ago.

"It is time to say thank you and well done!"

The highly regarded IMRF Awards are in their fourth year. They attract nominations from around the world, covering everything from those involved in the establishment of a national maritime emergency service, to local heroes who have dedicated their entire lives to establishing or improving services to save lives at sea in their region. 

They recognize volunteers and professional SAR personnel alike, as well as those behind the scenes of a rescue, who ensure that effective rescue plans are in place, provide training, or develop equipment, all of which helps to save more lives.

The IMRF Awards 2019 offer four categories for nominations:

    Individual: For Outstanding Individual Contribution to a Maritime SAR Operation
    Team: For Outstanding Team Contribution to a Maritime SAR Operation
    Innovation & Technology: For Innovation and Technology in the field of Maritime SAR
    Lifetime Achievement: The Vladimir Maksimov Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Maritime 

SAR Sector

The 2019 IMRF Awards lunch will take place on board HQS Wellington, an historic vessel moored on the River Thames in London, on 10 September. This prestigious event will be part of London International Shipping Week (9 – 13 September 2019), a week which attracts high-level government representatives and shipping industry leaders from around the world. 

Nominations can be submitted online, or by post. Visit for more details and to submit a nomination.

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Clipper Oil is a worldwide wholesaler of marine fuels and lubricant oils specializing in supplying vessels throughout the Pacific Ocean. Operating internationally from our headquarters in San Diego, California, USA, we serve the bunkering needs of all sectors of the marine market. This includes fishing fleets, ocean-going yachts, cruise ships, cargo ships, military/government/research vessels, and power plants.

Clipper-Shipyard-SupplyClipper Oil’s predecessor, Tuna Clipper Marine, was founded in 1956 by George Alameda and Lou Brito, two pioneers in the tuna fishing industry. Tuna Clipper Marine’s first supply location was in San Diego, California, USA where they serviced the local fishing fleet.

Established in 1985, Clipper Oil was formed to serve the needs of marine customers in the Western Pacific as vessels shifted their operations from San Diego. Clipper Oil has been a proven supplier of quality marine fuels, lubricants, and services to the maritime community for over 25 years, serving many ports throughout the Pacific Ocean. We maintain warehouses in Pago Pago, American Samoa; Majuro, Marshall Islands; and Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia. We also have operations in the Eastern Pacific in Balboa/Rodman, Panama and Manta, Ecuador. We supply marine vessels and service stations with fuel, lubricant oil, salt, and ammonia. We also supply our customer’s vessels with bunkers at high-seas through various high-seas fuel tankers in all areas of the Pacific Ocean.

The Tuna Clipper Marine Pier
in San Diego Bay (1980).
Throughout the years, Clipper Oil has grown from a small marine distributor in San Diego to a worldwide supplier of marine fuels and lubricants. Clipper Oil offers a broad diversity of products and services and are active buyers and suppliers of petroleum products. It is this combination that gives us the edge in market intelligence needed to develop the best possible pricing for our clients.

Our daily monitoring of both the current and future oil market enables our customers to take advantage of market pricing on an immediate basis. This enables Clipper Oil to provide the best current and long term pricing for our customers.

Clipper Oil supplying the USCG Rush ex.
pipeline at the fuel dock
in Pago Pago, American Samoa (2013).
Clipper Oil offers the following to our customers:

All of the products we supply meet international specifications and conform to all local regulations.

With our many years of experience in the marine sector, Clipper Oil understands the attention to detail and operational performance vessels require during each port of call.

As a proven reliable and reputable supplier of marine fuel and lubricants, we welcome the opportunity to meet your vessel's needs. Please contact us for all of your marine energy and petroleum needs.

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