Our promise is simple, if your ship needs fuel anywhere in the world, just tell us when, where, and how much – and rest assured that Clipper Oil will deliver – at the most competitive price.

Propelling You Forward

What We Do

The oil market doesn’t stand still, and neither do we.

Since 1985, Clipper Oil has been a global leader in supplying marine and bunker fuel to the maritime industry worldwide.

Every year – Clipper Oil completes thousands of bunker and lubricant oil deliveries – to a wide spectrum of clients across the globe.

From cargo ships to fishing fleets – mega yachts to cruise ships – Clipper Oil caters to a diverse array of clients across the world’s largest shipping hubs – as well as in niche and remote markets.

A focused worker in a hard hat and safety gloves engaged in maintenance or repair work outdoors on marine fuel systems.

Our Promise

What sets us apart, is not just what we supply, but how we do it. We pride ourselves on providing industry leading customer service, across all major time zones. Our dedicated team is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

At Clipper Oil, we’re more than just suppliers – we’re partners invested in your journey – helping to ensure a steady supply that keeps your fleet moving forward.

So, whether you’re exploring uncharted territories or navigating familiar waters, trust Clipper Oil for the fuel that propels you forward.

Count on Clipper

We proudly offer our customers an extensive network of refueling locations, a full range of marine fuels and lubricants, competitive pricing and 24/7 customer service.