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Products & Services

Clipper Oil American Samoa supplies only the finest petroleum products in American Samoa finest gasoline and diesel fuel along with high quality lubricant oils.

Clipper Oil American Samoa keeps our commercial, marine and industrial customers on the move. Regardless of your fueling needs or location, we bring quality fuel, exceptional service, and industry-leading expertise right to you. Our seamless, end-to-end fuel delivery network has island-wide coverage and a proven track record of responsiveness and reliability; always delivering the fuel you need, when you need it.

We Deliver

• Marine Gas Oil (MGO)
• Road Diesel
• Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)
• Boiler/Generator Diesel Fuel
• Unleaded Gasoline - Mogas (ULP)
• Kerosene
• Jet Fuel (A-1)
• AV-Gas 100LL
• ExxonMobil Lubricant Oils
• Shell Lubricant Oils

Convenience and Increased Productivity

• A fleet dedicated to fueling tanks
• Our fleet is radio dispatched to insure on time and accurate deliveries
• We offer tank “keep full” programs and 24/7 delivery schedules to help manage your fuel inventory while you manage your business
• Price Tier discounts for larger quantities
• Every delivery is tracked to insure you receive every gallon purchased

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