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The Aiwo port was constructed in the early 1900s by the then British Phosphate Company and is located on the western part of the island. The port consists of a basin dug into the island's lagoon protected by two breakwaters. Boats and smaller vessels are launched by means of a ramp.

With a population of about 13,000 people, Nauru is highly dependent on maritime transport for its habitability.

Today, the Aiwo port provides a berthing facility for small “mule” barges to unload container vessels, which drift in deep offshore waters during unloading. The port is currently under development to construct a climate-resilient port in Nauru including a wharf, a berth pocket, and a breakwater at the port of Aiwo. It will also reconstruct port buildings, the container storage, and port security facilities. All of these improvements will help make it Nauru’s first international and cargo terminal, thus improving the country’s maritime trade and connectivity.