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Clipper Oil can also arrange export/ocean freight shipments of many different grades of petroleum products worldwide.

Average fuel prices vary from country to country. Sometimes it can be advantageous to export fuel to combat volatile international markets. This is very common for countries/ports where the infrastructure is not as well established as some of the major world markets. We currently export intermediate fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, aviation fuels and lubricants to numerous ports/countries worldwide, utilizing the most economical method possible (most commonly ocean freight). Clipper Oil can export products in ISO-Tanks, Flexitanks, IBC Totes and Drums. Aside from bulk imports on oil tankers, ISO-Tanks and Flexitanks are typically the most economical way of exporting/importing fuels. We can load between 20,000-26,000 liters (5,290-6,900 US gallons) per 20’ ISO-Tank or tanktainer. We can load between 18,000-24,000 liters (4,760-6,340 US gallons) per 20’ Flexitank or flexi tank. We can load 18 IBC Totes (1,000 liters or 275 US gallons) per 20’ shipping container. We can load approx. 80-96 drums (200 liters or 55 US gallons) per 20’ shipping container. Treated wood pallets or slip-sheets are typically utilized in our exports in order to assist our clients with easy offloading at the final destination. Clipper Oil can quote basis the full range of Shipping Terms/Incoterms at the buyer’s request: EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDP, etc. Clipper Oil operates a full-service export business from start-to-finish. Whether it be port-to-port or door-to door, you can count on us. We personally arrange the product loading, ocean freight transportation, customs clearance and inland logistics. We consider it our top priority to supply the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices, while meeting all required international safety regulations and always delivering on-budget and on-time. PRODUCTS FOR EXPORT/IMPORT Clipper Oil currently exports petroleum products to our customer base worldwide, including (but not limited to):
  • Intermediate Fuel Oil | IFO-500/380/180/30cst (ISO-Tanks and Flexitanks)
  • Marine Gas Oil |MGO (ISO-Tanks, Flexitanks, IBC Totes and Drums)
  • Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel | ULSD (ISO-Tanks, Flexitanks, IBC Totes and Drums)
  • Automotive Diesel Fuel | ADF (ISO-Tanks, Flexitanks, IBC Totes and Drums)
  • Boiler/Generator Diesel Fuel (ISO-Tanks, Flexitanks, IBC Totes and Drums)
  • Unleaded Gasoline/Mogas/Petrol/ULP (ISO-Tanks, Flexitanks, IBC Totes and Drums)
  • Jet Fuel | Jet A-1 Fuel (ISO-Tanks, IBC Totes and Certified Aviation Drums)
  • AV-Gas 100LL | Aviation Gasoline (ISO-Tanks, IBC Totes and Certified Aviation Drums)
  • Kerosene (ISO-Tanks, IBC Totes and Drums)
  • Lubricant Oils (Major brands including Castrol, Chevron, Caltex, Elf, Gulf, Mobil, Shell, Total and others)
  • Marine, Automotive, Commercial, Aviation & Industrial Lubricants (ISO-Tanks, Flexitanks, IBC Totes, Drums, Pails and Cases)
Some of Clipper Oil's major export markets can be found below:   Please contact us for more information regarding our export services.
Some of Clipper Oil's Main Supply Locations
American Samoa Fiji Marshall Islands Solomon Islands
Australia Galapagos Islands Mexico South Korea
Canada Guam New Caledonia Tahiti
Chile Guatemala New Zealand Taiwan
China Hawaii Nicaragua Thailand
CNMI (Saipan) Honduras Palau Tonga
Colombia Hong Kong Panama Tuvalu
Cook Islands Indonesia Papua New Guinea USA
Costa Rica Japan Peru Vanuatu
Ecuador Kiribati Philippines Vietnam
El Salvador Malaysia Samoa Offshore/High Seas
Micronesia–FSM Marquesas/French Polynesia Singapore Worldwide Supply
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Clipper Oil supplies only the finest gas oils, fuel oils, diesel fuels, aviation fuels, and marine fuels.

Fuels we can supply:

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