Risk Management

Combining in-depth knowledge of the energy market, finance and transport, Clipper Oil helps clients protect their operating expenses from the risk posed by volatile energy prices.

Trusted Since 1985

At Clipper Oil, we help our customers protect their margins through customized hedging solutions. 

We offer fixed price and hedging agreements, including Fixed Forward Price (FFP) and Floating Price Formula (FPF), which allows our clients to develop a risk management strategy and help them operate within budget.

By monitoring the oil market around-the-clock, we can provide our clients with the best spot and formula pricing, allowing the risks of the volatile oil market to be offset.

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Our Hedging Tools

Clipper Oil protects customers with Fixed Price Agreements

Fixed Price

Clipper Oil manages customer risk with maximum price agreements

Max Price

Zero Cost Dollars to minimize risk

Zero Cost

Swaps is one risk management offering from Clipper Oil

Fixed Forward
Price (FFP)

Caps are offered to mitigate customer risk

Floating Price
Formula (FPF)

Capped Swaps to protect margins

Swaps to Physical Delivery (SPD)

Leveraging Market Intelligence
& Minimizing Risk

Drawing from over four decades of experience, the Clipper Oil team possesses the necessary expertise to assess market conditions and assist our clients in formulating optimal procurement strategies aimed at cost control and risk mitigation.