West Coast Ports Continue to Set Records

Cargo containers being loaded or unloaded at a busy port terminal with towering cranes against a clear blue sky.

Ports up and down the west coast are continuing to set cargo records following the COVID-19 pandemic and months of congestion.

Just last week the Port of Los Angeles announced that it moved more than one million container units of cargo in May. This was the first time a Western hemisphere port has surpassed that level.

The news followed a recent amount that the port will move more than ten million container units of cargo during the fiscal year, yet another record for the port.

“The historic level of cargo that we’re managing reflects our commitment to reach new heights by working with our partners to further enhance our productivity, throughput and velocity,” said Port of L.A. Executive Director Gene Seroka.

Following closely behind was the Port of Long Beach, which moved 907,216 cargo containers in May, setting a monthly record for the port.

Imports at the Port of Long Beach jumped 42.3% to 444,736 TEUs year over year and up 53% compared to May 2019. Exports added up to 135,345 TEUs, about the same as in May 2020, but rose 12% when compared to data from May 2019.

It is expected for more records to be set as large cargo ships continue to come into the ports on the tail-end of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent shopping surges.

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